National Talent Search Examination

Issue of Application:

  In the month of October wide publicity is given in the Dailies and Medias. At the first instance prescribed printed application are sent from this Department to all the Chief Educational Officers, District Educational Officers, Inspector of Matric Schools, C.B.S.E., Board, Kendra Vidyalaya and all the Regional offices of Government Examination in order to enable the institutions to get the application easily and quickly in Tamil Nadu.

Eligibility of Candidates

  Students who have obtained not less than 60 per cent of Marks in Mathematics, Science & Social Science in the IX Std., annual examination and now studying in the X Std., are alone eligible to appear for the N.T.S. examination. No parental income is fixed for applying the examination.

Method of Applying

  The heads of institution including central schools, Kendra Vidyalayas are requested to identify such students in their schools, who are willing to appear for the examination and collect an amount of Rs.3/- from each candidate towards application fee and obtain application forms from the concerned place where the applications are being issued.
The filled in application are sent directly to the Joint Director (Personnel) of Government Examinations from the Institution.

Conduct of Examination

  This Department of Government Examinations holds first Level examination on the 1st Saturday of December every year in Tamil Nadu.
2nd level examination is conducted by NCERT at only one centre in Tamil Nadu at Chennai, constituted by this Department in the month of May every year.

Release of Results

  The candidates are selected according to merit and the number of candidates selected will be as per the Quota prescribed by N.C.E.R.T. every year.
The selection of required number of candidates is done on the basis of the communal rotation fixed by Government of Tamil Nadu every year.

Interview of Candidates

  This Department from December 2000 examinations is conducting interview for the selected candidates after the 2nd level written examination by NCERT. This office makes all the arrangements (Venue etc.,) for conducting the interview. Mark Sheets of candidates who have attended the interview are sent to NCERT by sealed covers by this Department.

Final Selection:

  Final Selection for awarding scholarship by NCERT as per the norms fixed by them and the list of candidates for scholarship is communicated to this Department for information.

Liaison Officer:

  The Director of Government Examinations is the Liaison Officer for conducting the National Talent Search Examination.